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Personal Profile

Julius Lindsay is a leader in the environmental field with 15 years of experience in the areas of sustainability, climate change, and leading policy and strategy development and implementation. He is passionate about the intersection of climate justice, and ensuring the needs of equity-deserving communities are heard and centred in the transition to a low-carbon and resilient future.


He has led many projects that demonstrate his commitment to community engagement, foresight, storytelling, and the advancement of Indigenous and Black communities.

Earth Day 2023 Celebration at Norton Place Park_N_0316.jpg

Julius is the Director of Sustainable Communities at the David Suzuki Foundation. He leads the Foundation’s work to accelerate and raise the ambition of climate action in cities across the place now known as Canada. He is also a co-founder of the Black Environmentalist Alliance, an organisation that seeks to champion Black people in the environmental profession, provide a safe space for peer-to-peer engagement to have real conversations and share experiences, and to advocate for environmental justice for Black Canadians now and in the future.


Julius is leading the development of the Prismatic Project which seeks to centre Indigenous and Black perspectives through the lens of Indigenous futurist and Afrofuturist art, community engagement, and futures games to shift the conversation about and composition of climate action in Canada. For this work Julius was accepted as a 2022 Next generation Foresight Practitioner Fellow and received their Inaugural Existential Risk award to support the Prismatic project as well. The project is also supported through Julius being chosen as one of 7 Inaugural Future Fellows as a part of the Future of Canada Project at McMaster University.


Previously, Julius has been the catalyst for and led the development of climate change plans, programs, and policies at two of the biggest cities, Mississauga and Richmond Hill, in Ontario, Canada’s Largest Province.

He has a Honours bachelor of Science in Physics and Math for the University of Toronto.


Innovation and Co-Creation -

Long and award winning track record creating and helping groups create innovative solutions

Strategic Planning

Designed and lead strategic planning processes at scales up to as large as a City including creating an overarching vision and strategy with clear operating principles and measurement indicators

Strategic Foresight & Systemic Design

An evolving practice using strategic foresight and futures in the design and implementation of climate change work

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Deep and award winning expertise in engaging with communities. A current focus on engaging historically magrinalized and excluded communities

Coaching and Mentorship

Many years of experience mentoring and coaching people at all ages and experience levels from tweens all the way up to mid-career professionals and newcomers to Canada

Sustainability and Environment Technical Expertise

Technical expert in sustainability and environment including greenhouse gas accounting, climate risk assessments, energy management, etc.

Change Management

Experience leading and helping guide changes happening within organisations

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