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Welcome to Julius Lindsay's project portfolio, where you can delve into a wealth of transformative initiatives that showcase his expertise in the environmental field and commitment to addressing climate change. Explore the following projects and contributions, each representing a significant milestone in advancing sustainability and resilience:

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Missisauga Climate Change Risk Assessment

Dive into the comprehensive report that assesses climate change risks and impacts on the City of Mississauga, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making. Read more

Mississauga Climate Change Action Plan

Discover the strategic roadmap designed to mitigate climate change effects and build a resilient city. Julius played a pivotal role in developing this actionable plan. Read more

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Richmond Hill Community Energy and Emissions Plan

Learn about the innovative strategies implemented in Richmond Hill to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Julius led the development of this Impactful plan. Read more

Richmond Hill Corporate Climate Change Framework

Explore the comprehensive framework developed by Julius, outlining the city's commitment to addressing climate change across corporate operations. View the Booklet | Read the Info Sheet

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A Guide to Talking To People About Climate Change (Community Climate Change Conversation Toolkit)

Access a valuable resource designed to facilitate meaningful conversations about climate change within the community, showcasing Julius's commitment to effective and equitable public engagement. Read more

An Open Letter to Clean50 and all Clean50 Alumni

Read Julius Lindsay's thought-provoking open letter addressing Clean50 and Clean50 Alumni, advocating advocating for equity and inclusion in the environmental movement. Read more

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